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Put Your Ball Back Where You Found It- NO CHARGE!

Well, this is nice for a change- seems like the USGA has decided to soften the rules regarding accidental movement of the ball while on the putting green..

This is no doubt in response to their epic blunder during last year’s US Open that saw the leader Dustin Johnson assessed a delayed penalty while trying to close out the tournament. Thankfully, he ended up winning by a comfortable margin and the penalty only received backlash for the potential damage that it could have caused.

There isn’t any reason to beat a dead horse, so I’ll leave the comments about the USGA to your own discretion. The great thing here is that finally, this is a positive change for the health of the game.

Bunker Hill was designed and created to address some of the other issues plaguing the Great Game of Golf. It is refreshing to see real efforts being made to make the game more reasonable and accessible by the governing bodies.

Fantastic decision by the USGA- would’ve REALLY helped out this guy!

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