Architect’s Statement

Kinsale Properties Ltd.
Bunker Hill Golf Club

January 2016

The Bunker Hill Golf Club is a uniquely designed 12-hole golf course, located in Pickering, Ontario. Situated on 73 acres of land the course offers spectacular long-range views of the countryside from the elevated plateau, on which you find the clubhouse and 4 golf holes. This 100 feet of elevation change offers a great variety of views of Holes No. 1 and 2, across the valley to Holes No. 3 and 4 from Hole No. 6, and Hole No. 11 and especially Hole No. 12, which stretches the full length of the plateau.

Designed as a Championship-style Par 3 golf course, the variety of holes and yardages provides the golfer with unlimited challenges.

From 4 or 5 different tee blocks on each tee deck complex, every hole will play differently depending upon your skill level.The entire golf course has been designed to provide opportunities for every level of golfer. Bunker Hill Golf Club will provide a golf course that brings not only a challenge but a fun experience and a style new to the game of golf in Canada.

This golf course will be catering to the educated golfer who wants a challenge, as well as a course to hone their short game and putting. Families, and groups of juniors, seniors and women will also enjoy this golf course, as it is designed to allow for every golfer to be competitive as well as challenging.

Due to our ever-changing busy lives, time is the real benefit of this style of the golf course. Bunker Hill Golf Club can provide a golfing experience in 2 to 3 hours, depending upon whether you play 12 or 18 holes. Many golf-industry experts are now promoting a less time-consuming game, and this style of family-oriented development, including Jack Nicklaus, as part of the overall future of the game.

The golf course has been built to USGA standards on all greens and bunkers and combined with an extensive drainage system, helps to contribute to the great playing conditions, and firm, true green surfaces. Additionally, Bunker Hill Golf Club has numerous bunkers inspired by famous golf courses from around the world. These are highly aesthetic and add character, beauty and uniqueness to the golf experience.

The 2,500 sq. ft. clubhouse has been designed to provide a small but efficient pro shop and office space, 40 seats indoor grill room, and an extensive outdoor patio complex, complete with a unique outdoor barbeque facility. The outdoor patio area provides great views over the golf course, and beyond. This outdoor area features refreshing breezes, shady sitting zones and colourful landscaping that golfers can enjoy before and after their round of golf.

Environmentally, this golf course provides:

  • Reduced maintained turfgrass zones;
  • Reduced water usage;
  • Reduced chemical usage;
  • Increased wildlife / environmental areas

I challenge all golfers to take on the “Devil’s Hole” and “Pandemonium”, and enjoy the future of golf.

Happy golfing,

Jason Miller
Golf Course Architect
Miller Golf Design Group