Club Policies
Bunker Hill Golf Club Policies – 2022

Due to COVID-19 and new health & safety parameters, your experience at Bunker Hill Golf Club will be a little different for the foreseeable future. Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that the Government can change any of these policies, and mandate new health & safety protocols depending on the reach of COVID-19 at any point. Please read our policies below and we ask that all players please respect and follow this guide.

Points to Note

  • Walk-ons will not be permitted. You must have a tee time.
  • Tee times may be booked on-line or by calling the Pro Shop.
  • The Pro Shop will allow one golfer at a time to enter the shop to pay for their round and any food/beverage purchases.
  • Masks are required when entering the Pro Shop or Bathroom facility.
    • Washrooms at the Pro Shop will be open and available. Please wash hands thoroughly and continue to practice safe social distancing (one person at a time in washrooms). They will be sanitized and cleaned regularly.
  • If you feel sick the day of your booked round, please call and cancel your round. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE PROPERTY if you are feeling ill at all.
  • Players are required to have their own clubs. We have a very limited club rental inventory on hand.
  • Proper attire is required – casual but clean is our motto. Jeans and hoodies are allowed if they are clean and not torn. Soft soled shoes or golf shoes are a must – any other type of footwear is not allowed on the course. Torn clothing, gym shorts, track pants, short shorts (for both men and women), etc. are not allowed.

Arrival Please plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to your tee time. This gives you plenty of time to get yourself ready, pay for your green fee and get to the first tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time. All players are required to check in at the Pro Shop regardless of who is paying for the round.

  1. Pro Shop staff will be recording your name, address and contact information for Covid-19 tracing purposes.

Late Arrival – There will be no squeeze times, your time is your time. If you are late you can walk/drive out and meet your group. If the entire group is late, the tee time will be lost.

Practice Green – Our practice green is located directly behind the 1st tee. We encourage players to hit a few putts prior to heading out on the golf course to get a sense for the speed of our greens and also to get yourself into “golf” mode.

On the course – Please follow our protocols as outlined below. They are in place to enhance your experience and safety while at Bunker Hill Golf Club:

  • Pitch/Ball Marks and Divots – Please replace or fill in your divots on tee boxes. Most importantly please fix your ball marks on the greens. It takes seconds to repair your ball mark and leaves a better putting surface for everyone. Please remember that a repaired ball mark heals in days while an unrepaired ball mark takes upwards of 3-4 weeks to heal itself.
  • Social Distancing – Please ensure you follow proper social distancing protocols while you are playing.
  • Flagsticks – We ask that players please leave the flagstick in at all times and do not touch the flagstick. All holes have all been equipped with a piece of foam one inch below the green surface. This will allow the ball to fall into the hole normally while allowing easy removal without having to touch the flagstick.
  • Bunkers: Bunkers do have rakes. Please use either the rake or your shoe to smooth out any footprints and divots when you are in the sand. Please remember that none of us want to hit out of a footprint left behind by another group, so please respect the course and your fellow players.
  • Weather/Lightning Delay: In the unfortunate event of an inclement weather/lightning delay golfers are all asked to return their cars. Please continue to practice safe social distancing. Pro Shop staff will announce when a safe return to play is available.

Power Carts:

  • Due to high play volumes, we will not be allowing single cart riders. If your group is only 3 players then we will obviously allow the 3rd golfer to ride solo but this is the only exception.
  • Our course is cart path only AT ALL TIMES. If you are physically challenged we would advise that you take our cart path only rule into consideration. Due to the slopes around some of our tees and greens and for the safety of our customers, we will not be offering any exceptions to this rule.
  • Once your round is complete, please feel free to drive to your car and drop your clubs off. Please return carts to the designated drop area. We ask that you please remove your garbage from the cart and dispose of it in the provided garbage pail.


The hilltop patio is available for use prior to and after your round and you are allowed to take alcohol purchased at the course up to the patio. We ask that you please dispose of any garbage or recyclables when leaving the patio.

Outside Alcohol/Controlled Substances:

It is a violation of our liquor license for any of our guests to take on to the course/consume any alcohol/controlled substance not purchased in our Pro Shop. We have a zero tolerance policy and you will lose your playing privileges for the day with no refund. A 2nd offence will result in your permanent banning from the property.

Thank you for playing and we hope you have a safe and enjoyable round!